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The company started as construction firm, committed to provide its ever growing "SmartLinked" rural communities to total services through information infrastructure. It launched its core products and services by bundling and converging the building construction with structured wiring, security systems and automations, and Wireless Internet Connectivity. It assured their clients and patrons of an exclusive stand-alone feature in their insatiable need for ever current and logarithmically growing information and data exchange network in real-time, for record keeping in mirror sites and their convenient access through wireless network infrastructure. It has started a satellite wireless mesh network in three-last mile in the Northern tip of the Philippines and successfully launched itself as emerging wireless internet access provider.

Now it is fast bundling its services with the offer of security cameras linked through satellite internet and the many more electronic devices and telecommunication systems for the total services to its clients and target market.

SMARTLINK envisioned a dominant leadership in the wireless internet connectivity with convergence of security features and network systems to serve best their primary target markets -which are the last mile SME's, farmer-growers, rural entrepreneurs, students, LGU's and empowering them for competitiveness leveling with their urban counterparts -as far as their products and core competencies can be marketed & made accessible to international markets while keeping them abreast on local collaborations for services/products volume & quality enhancements to attain global competitiveness.


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